Eastbury Manor Residency/Exhibition

During 2018/19 Eastbury Manor, an Elizabethan Grade I listed National Heritage site hosted a series of exhibitions exploring the, Nature of Place. This was collaboration with the University of East London and project managed by UEL staff member Dr Gary Doherty and Eastbury Manor House, cultural Policy and Commissioning Manager Tamara Horbacka.

Lesley Logue Damaged Armour – Eastbury Manor. I was invited to respond to the house and it’s history within the community. The works, 5 resin and bronze cast sculptures and an installation of found arrows, were sited in the East Chamber room, formerly used by Barking Museum to display armoury. The work references trophy displays of hunted animals and at the same time reference armour, playing with the juxtaposition of the vulnerability of animal hide and the protective shield of armour. The exhibition also included the work Misfire, an installation of misfired arrows found buried around outdoor archery ranges.