The Written Image

Book collaboration with poet Anna Robinson.‘In The Forest’ Book collaboration with poet Anna Robinson

The Written Image, book work copy‘In The Forest’

The Written Image, book detail copy‘In The Forest’ Detail

Nov 2013 The Written Image, collaborations between artists and poets. Edinburgh Printmakers working in partnership with the Scottish Poetry Library.

Lesley Logue, and poet, Anna Robinson, created the collaborative book, In The Forest and the accompanying print, Fallen. As artists, both are concerned with the impact of history and the environment on individuals and their communities. This particular project began when, at a research share day, both realised they shared a strong interest in woodlands. They could be the lost, mythic or historic landscapes of South London or the living, breathing, surviving woods on the outskirts of Edinburgh, These images and poems play with real and imagined experiences of the wild girl and woodsman in the lost forests of Britain.