Mouth of a Shark

Exhibition – July 8th – 31st 2021

The exhibition Mouth of a Shark, is a collaboration with Cork Printmakers and Edinburgh Printmakers supported by Sample Studios at the Tactic Gallery, The Lord Mayors Pavilion, Cork. The title of the exhibition references the words of British Somali poet  Warsen Shire: No one leaves home unless home is a mouth of a shark. The work for this exhibition is inspired by my interactions and conversations with migrants including a workshop that I ran at a welcoming event organised by the Scottish Refugee Council.

The clay imprints, a physical trace of keys from new temporary homes and some from homes left behind, represent the hope and hopelessness of refuge and shelter. Making an impression of a key implies that it can be copied, but it is also suggestive of absence as the physical object is not there, and what remains is a trace or memory. 

Clay Imprints