Curation- Process & Possibilities

William Gear CPB-12965William Gear Screenprint Date: 1985 (Courtesy of Edinburgh Printmakers)

Process & Possibilities

Date: 27 January – 15 April 2017,

2017 marked the 50th year of Edinburgh Printmakers, Scotland’s leading print workshop. To celebrate, I was commissioned to research, select and showcase prints from their archive – a collection of approximately 10,000 prints that are not currently accessible to the public. This was the first of two curated archive exhibitions to celebrate the 50th anniversary. I was asked to write an introductory essay for the exhibition as well as input into the planning of a Printmaking in Scotland Symposium, which would take place in February 2017 at Edinburgh Printmakers and the National Gallery of Scotland.

The exhibition focused on a selection of prints that demonstrated the use of multi-layered, experimental and expressive forms of mark making using traditional printmaking techniques. Through their engagement with printmaking and its responsive nature the artists selected had helped to lay and then build upon the foundations of printmaking as a fine-art practice in Scotland and beyond. The exhibition included prints from the following artists; John Bellany, Liz Douglas, Hideo Furuto, William Gear, Elspeth Lamb, Andrew Mackenzie, Ian McCulloch, as well as a selection of photographs, catalogues, posters and invites from the archive, spanning 50 years.

Introductory essay – Process & Possibilities Introduction

Exhibition – slide show

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