Deluge – an exhibition at Edinburgh Printmakers curated by David Faithfull. Oct – Dec 2018

This was the last exhibition at Union Street before the organisation moved to a new location at Castle Mills.

My response to the theme of the exhibition was to reference both water and the location Of Edinburgh Printmakers at Union Street. In my practice I take great inspiration from found images and objects. Looking up from the studio at E.P, to the roof covering, I had for a long time been intrigued by the mark making visible on this transparent canopy. The rain had dispersed dirt and grime from the city into unique formations that were reminiscent of washes and drawn marks that might appear on a litho stone or etching plate. I began photographing the roof covering and then further selecting compositions. These photo images were then exposed on to a lithographic plate and printed through the process of oil and water resist.

Union St. Canopy 1, lithograph 2018
Union St. Canopy 2, lithograph 2018
Union St. Canopy 3, lithograph 2018